Friday, February 10, 2012

Apprehension of a Lost Mind.

One thing I learned, at the very start of the day, in office today… Inspiration to write doesn’t require a quiet stroll by the beach or lone-time spent away from everyone. Everyday activities, friends, talks with them, we ourselves can be the source to a post which will be appreciated later on. It all depends on the signals that we catch and the mood that we are in.

Having met so many types of people till now, the classes under which I kept categorizing them keeps increasing on almost a daily basis. One of the classification criteria that has intrigued and amazed me as well is the method people choose to live life or rather, face life. Extroverts and Introverts are the two families who, despite of being poles apart by nature, have successfully established themselves in this society to an extent that they are here to stay till eternity. In simpler or, better said, harsh terms, these families can be called A Social ass and a Social outcast, one loves to socialize and the other loves to keep things to himself. Surprisingly enough, neither of them is wrong at their own places, its how one chooses to live his life. As my nature has been, I love making friends and sharing problems with the individual I feel comfortable with and the one who I know will be able to help me out. Belief in the fact that sharing sorrows divides it and solution is faster has always kept my way of tackling problems confined to this method. But then, there is the other aspect, which I have observed over a long time, wherein the solution lies within us. Sharing will only complicate the problem by multiple folds. As a majority of us would say, being alone is just so BORING. I would say so or rather, I used to believe so. But then I realized there are some problems in life which are meant to be tackled alone. Introspection, self realizations, analysis of your own deeds and comparing it with various self-decided and society-accepted parameters, a solution is reached for negating the flaws and faults or boosting the positives you have for the better!

Let’s say there is a situation wherein you have to make a single choice amongst many, can be clothes, shoes or the branch of engineering during admission. Whatever the decision maybe, it’s all going to affect you even if the people you ask play a major role in the decision that’s being taken. A group of individuals will be consulting a chunk of their close ones before deciding while others would decide on their own. Simple as it may seem, this example goes on to show the bent of an individual or his approach towards tackling the hurdles of life or LIFE itself. None of them is wrong, no ways, but then both would debate till eternity trying to prove the other wrong. Agreed, that experience is very important before we make any decision which should be gained from others if we don’t have it but it can be countered with the fact that we won’t learn until we make a mistake.

Ideas and viewpoints stated above might seem na├»ve, incomplete or even immature to an extent but then that’s how I see this today. Thoughts change with time and the experience gained out of it. So maybe, in the future, I will be writing a post on the same topic with a definite stance on how LIFE should be tackled; extrovertly or as an introvert!

Signing off
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Friday, February 3, 2012

Return of the Come back! :D :D

Writing is not an easy job, especially when you have had a fairy tale start to your blog and then suddenly there has been a prolonged lull period which contains only the THOUGHTS and RESOLUTIONS to start writing as soon as possible and going through other’s blogs to gain inspiration. I surely seem to be inspired now!

Daily, there had been many instances, big and small, eventful and boring, which sparked me off momentarily to write the blog the very next instant I lay my hands on the computer. Don’t know where it evaporated.

I was waiting for my bus to go to office, all bored and with no smile on my face, when I saw a grandpa driving over with his little cute grandchild to the coconut-water wala right besides where I was standing. The happiness that beamed from both the individual’s faces got me into a deep introspection. Thoughts whirled in my mind as I zoomed through what might have been the life of the old man. Childhood full of fun and frolic, youth spent in shaping up the career, marriage, raising kids and earning money and now, he is enjoying life with a big smile on his face. The thing that made me happy was that old age can also be lively and interesting unlike being sad and full of misery which I and most of us think. The other thing that struck me significantly was that love of an individual increases exponentially, from his child to grandchild. Personal experience concreted this thought and the instance happening in front of me was a live example. The bus was late that day which gave me all the more time to think and my mind went deeper into the thoughts of importance of elders in our lives, all the love I have got from my elders and all that I have missed getting that I deserved & further philosophies. 

The Benares trip, which was eagerly awaited by all of us relatives and especially cousins, was a grand success. Last week of Dec 2011 was the time and the City of Ghats was the venue. This trip, other than the super awesome fun I had, was a revelation for me. It made me realize that I can click photographs and click them really well. 500 photographs summed up the Benares trip through my lens, some Ok types and some really good [I hate boasting about myself]. 

 Also, the trip made CERTAIN relationships stronger, cleared many things between different individuals, converted a few thoughts to certain facts and of course increased my love for my cousins specifically in leaps and bounds. Inclusion in PNPC [A specific Bong term for Gossiping] for me and my brother was long waited which got over this time. A blog would be too small and the time I have would be too less to write down what all I experienced out there. All that I know is that I love my COUSINS more than anything else and this trip has given it a much required impetus.
Music is one thing which soothes down, cheers up, lightens up and cools down any individual, no matter what situation they are in. It is so strikingly amazing that how every song that you follow or like has to do something with your life. Every song has some relation to some instance that once occurred in your life which led to you falling in love with that song or making that instance memorable. Every song has inspired me to write down a blog which, as always, just went down with the increasing number of songs I heard. Happiness, motivation, sadness, party, tranquility or peace – every mood in life has some song that I relate to and tell you what; Music is the best medicine to any damn situation in life. Experienced that in the Benares trip as well and even now while hearing to Mitwa by Mrigya, A Hindustani classical and rock Fusion band, ideas and words are just flowing by! * Wide Smile *

They say, every well written piece, well sung song or anything as such has to have some inspiration and constant persuasion by others or from within. I had my share of both and there you go, I finally have updated my barren Blog with a hara-bhara post! :D Thanks to that individual, whose knowing & unknowing, serious & joking inspiration and persuasions got me through!
Seven months is a real long time to take a gap from writing and I hope this post is the start of good things to flow from my mind! A lot has been stacked up in my mind all this while and I hope the greenery of my blog persists!

Signing off                                                                                                                                               

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Was, Literally, On Cloud 9!

Thursday was the day, 16th June was the date. I was going through the pictures clicked while I went on a trip to Sinhgad, the fort of Shivaji Maharaj near Pune, with my office friends. Surfing through the clicks, I felt “It’s been damn long since I went out after coming to Pune, need to plan out something for this weekend." That was it; I opened my Office mail and sent in a mail to the "Sinhgad Group!" Things have really changed since that trip, People, to be specific. After lots of mails here and there, talks and planning, six people joined in for the adventure to Lohagadh that was for a life time! Preksha, Suraj, Pankaj, Roshan, Ritesh and Me. Which actually turned out to be good, less the people and more was the fun!

19th day of June was the day and I was too excited for it that I couldn't sleep the whole night. The day started with a run behind the local bus at 6 am which I missed by 5 seconds, imagine! And the stupid bus driver didn't stop even though I chased it for more than 200 freaking meters! Got the next bus in 20 minutes or so but fortunately we were taking the 8am local train. Met Preksha, Suraj and Pankaj at the station itself where we had a light breakfast. It wasn't difficult for us actually to locate the platform from where the local was to leave. Hundreds, if not thousands of people, same age like us, were all flocking towards the same direction, for the train to MALWALI, the base station nearest to Lohagadh. The colorful crowd at the platform reminded me of the local train rides of Mumbai, another experience one should really go through. It also got me into an instant mental mathematics to calculate the chances of us getting a place to sit in the train. The train arrived which triggered off an instant mosh-pit at the platform. First class, ladies and special compartments held no meaning at that time. Lucky as you would call us, an empty compartment stopped right in front of us and we didn't let the chances slip off. Window seats were ours, that too, two window seats. Gave us a sense of victory at that time. The adjoining compartment to us, full of youngsters, was supposedly the compartment for disabled and cancer patients and I doubt there was a single person ailing from either. Irony, isn't it, how much, of this type of compartment, is actually used by the CORRECT people. Rather, people get disabled after getting into such overcrowded compartments, either sandwiched between two individuals or dangling at the edge of the train, so yeah, the purpose is served. Local, as the train was, it stopped every station it got through and every compartment got all the more crowded with the passing minute. The journey of an hour and a half flew by amidst shouting of a gang of guys, more people, few fights which, for me, has become a mandatory sight in every train journey, still more people and the awesomely fantastic weather which kept it all bearable. Malwali station arrived and almost the whole of the train alighted there. Umpteen number of groups, dressed in the brightest of the colors and all ready to conquer the fort which made me realize one thing, jeans is, no ways, the correct thing to wear for this trip. "Koi nai, fod lenge", I thought! Photo sessions had started at the station already, people using everything possible at the station as a prop to make their photo as cool as possible. Roshan and Ritesh joined us half an hour later from Mumbai. Till then humne bhi thode bahut pictures le liye, the normal human tendencies to do what others do, knowingly or unknowingly. 
It was around 10 am and we were standing at the base of the climb that awaited us. The weather, slight drizzle and the cool air; perfect atmosphere for a trek. Far away, I could see the fort, atop the mountain and totally covered with clouds giving it a very mystic yet beautiful look. A flight of ancient-type large stairs were leading to the top of a mountain at the base. We climbed all the way up only to realize that it ended at some caves and that it wasn't the correct way to the fort. Nevertheless, the caves were beautiful. Actually, every historical thing, somehow manages to look beautiful. From there, we were told that there were two routes to the fort. Either go back the stairs and join the normal road that the people are following or jump the fence near the caves and trek through the mountains and meet the same road around a kilometer ahead. The choice was obvious, trekking through the mountain under light showers- the very prospect of that gave me shivers, both of fright and excitement! Jumping over the fence, I had my first of the many falls for the day. Slipped over a wet rock and fell down. No serious injuries but I somehow found an analogy between this incident and the fact that they say about new cars, "If u get a scratch on your new car on the very first day, it is supposedly good for the car." So, I presumed that this is the last time I’m slipping which obviously was not to be. No dangerous accidents but funny for sure, I fell almost 6 times in the whole trip. The first part of the trek was fantastic; rocky terrain, greenery all around with the color so bright enough to blind you, encounter with a beautiful red insect, crossing three waterfalls, going through the narrowest of the trenches; all of this was just the trailer to the whole movie that was still to unfold. An hour into the hike and we reached a turning where Pankaj was told by a local taxi driver that a trek of 3 hours was still needed to reach the top of the fort to which Pankaj was like “ Chhodo yaar, koi fayda nai hai jakar. Kuch khaas nai hai upar.” A statement he surely would have repented had we all followed him. We carried on the trek till Pankaj and Roshan found out a narrow path deviating from the normal route and wandering into the mountains. “A shortcut it can be”, we all thought. Two groups, well ahead of us on the same narrow shortcut, were spotted and presumably so, we followed them. There was no support on either sides of the path except the small shrubs and tress with thorny branches. The path was narrow for jus one person to pass at a time, not to forget, water was continuously flowing through it making it look like a mini-waterfall. So, it wasn’t easy at all to climb up the mountain but, unarguably, that was the best part of the trek. As we got through the “army-training” climb, we realized that this shortcut had reduced our journey through the normal route by almost 2 kms. It had got us to the place from where an almost tarred road led the base of the fort where there were a number of small dhabas and food stops. The far-away mountain with the fort on the top which we saw at the start of the journey was right in front of us. The fort, still covered with clouds, looked historically amazing. 

Half an hour more of climbing among incessant rains got us to the top of the mountain and believe me, the sight was just heavenly! I was among the clouds, wind blowing at the fiercest speed possible and all I could see around was lots of people and lots of mountains surrounding us. We shouted at the top of our voice, a sense of excitement and happiness prevailed. A group had gathered near one of the edges of the fort, where there was a waterfall. The beautiful thing about this waterfall was that due to the high wind-speed, the water was being thrown back and it had a created a kind of reverse waterfall. Water was thrown back to almost 200 feet from the source of the fall in a parabolic path creating a amazing scene. We could see clouds float in front of us making the visibility to near zero at one time and then there was the next moment when it suddenly used to become so crystal clear that literally we could see things miles away from us. It was the wind that was making the clouds just whiz past us. We clicked a lot of pictures at the top of the fort and spent almost an hour and a half over there. Having enjoyed to our heart’s content we started the descend to the base.

It drizzled sparsely at the top but the moment we started climbing down; it started to rain heavily which accompanied us till we reached the station. There were three more groups with us as we plodded our way through. Shouting songs, making noises, running for cover under heavy rains, stopping by for poha, kakdi and bhutta; it all made the descent a not-so-difficult affair. The up-hill time was almost 5 hours while we got down in a little more than a hour. As we moved far from the mountain, the fort, again, went into its cloud covers. I kept staring at the fort which seemed to tell me mystically, “If you want to see me, you got to reach me.” There was always, which I felt strongly, something unsaid, unspoken and not-talked-of about the fort, something which will keep pulling visitors, hikers and enthusiasts till eternity. As we took the local train back to Pune, the whole day flashed in front of me and we all had a sudden realization that the day got over just  too early. We, out of all the excitement that was still left in us, decided to plan another trip to another one of the many forts around Pune before monsoon got over with its quota of rains over the Western Ghats. This trip, though I won’t compare it to my trip to the Northern shrines of Kedarnath and Badrinath, has been one of the most memorable trips ever.

Will be back once I am through with another amazing trip. Cheers!! \m/

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Reminiscence or Nostalgia.. Words fall short.

Some one has rightly said. Bad times go slow and good times jus fly by! The worst part is we realize this only when the good times are over or the bad times have just started. Irritating, unavoidable and harsh fact of life. At this point of life, when I am working in the corporate industry, having gone through all the school and college times. I seriously feel like going through them again and not many would disagree to this.
Looking back, going to K.G.-C of St. Xavier's High School Loyola Hall seems just like yesterday. Being the junior-most in the school, the cutest kids in the whole of the school gives a different feeling altogether, which I realized long after I passed K.G. At that time, it was fun with friends in the play ground, innocent pranks in the class, motiveless actions which annoyed the teachers to the core and little bit of studies! Being in a boy's school till the tenth standard, I felt that we always had that extra masti compared to the guys in the Co-Ed schools. Running about like unmanned cattle, shouting like rowdy hooligans in the corridors during recess, reaching the ground first so that the other team doesn't "capture" the ground before my team does, forming teams in the class itself, eagerly waiting for the class to end just to run to the other end of the class to discuss about the previous day's wrestling match between ROCK and UNDERTAKER with your friend, going for the early morning football practice, finish school early and rush for practice again, feeling proud when your name gets announced in front of the whole class, be it any reason, loads of extra curricular activities: SPORTS DAY, CHRISTMAS CELEBRATIONS, NAVRATRI, ANNUAL DAY, SINGING DANCING AND INSTRUMENTAL COMPETITIONS, the excitement of having the whole day free cause of any of these occasions, the walk to the Auditorium to celebrate Fr. Charlie's birthday, murmuring within each other even with the finger-on-the-lips, the constant fight with the GUJARATI MEDIUM guys to name the few fantastic memories.... Xavier's gave me an awesome Primary and High School life! Higher secondary, woh kya tha? Dekhte hi dekhte nikal gaya! LOL! Had it's own wee bit of fun. Physics, Chemistry and Maths ripped us apart though English and Computers tried their best to do some damage-control. Majority of the time in 11th and 12th was either spent at Shambhus or playing Counter Strike at the gaming cafes. Girls, who were a alien thing for us till now, weren't a hard thing to mix with after all, considering we studied in a BOY'S SCHOOL!! The boards jus flew by and God knows why but majority of us got into Engineering. 6 weeks into the college and we started realizing how badly we missed school and it's Bindaas Masti!

Nonetheless, as they say, desperate times calls for desperate measures. College main bhi maze dhundh liye. New friends from different parts of the state, new cultures, new thinking adding to the new type of subjects, different pattern of studies and what not. A million trips to the canteen, files, submissions, fights, relationships, groups, politics, inter department matches, Cognizance and Adagios, DJ Nights and Vrund, working late-night in the college, hostel life, midnight dinner at the Dhabas, world cup and premier league matches in the hostel TV room, rivalry while watching the matches and playing with the same guys in the same team for the college, ghost stories of the CHANGA village and many more…. Loyola Hall sent a innocent little devil to study engineering at Changa. Four years later, the devil was enhanced, refined and ready to face the rough and tough world. College gave me 4 years of unlimited fun, nothing of which I expected and so it came as a pleasant surprise after 13 years of schooling! Coming into the last semester made me realize that it’s over. The fun, the easy-going times, where tension was only files, submissions and exams, will be getting over soon. Time was running out and I so felt like freezing time, then and there. 

Helping seniors, lovely batch-mates and supportive juniors, what else did I need. It was like every time I felt that things will be constant now, Life was to be started afresh. 13 years of school gave me friends I bonded with so so strong and then it was a new life in the college. Made friends here too, close and best and now it’s time to start again. Just when all seemed lost, June 2010 had passed, PDPU gave me a fresh lease of life. Though Masters was never my cup of tea, I had no other choice for the time being. PDPU took me a run through the college I had just a few days back. Met people who were a reflection of my college life, be it sports, pranks or organizing events. Had loads of fun, every single day, trip to the mess, messages and calls for breakfast, lunch or snacks, going to Infocity just for a 2 hours lab and itching to come back from there as soon as possible, a “farewell” given to me which turned out to be given well in advance, hostelites, localites, Proscenium, drama, everything but studies, LOL ….

So, even that had to end soon. Come Dec’ 10 and I made the trip to Pune, entering the Service industry, finally becoming a WORKING MAN!! I don’t know how life will treat me but till now it has been fantastic. Every second, minute and day has been worth remembering which makes me smile today and will keep doing so till I breathe no more. Naming the people who played their part in my LIFE will get too formal and reduce the importance of the relation we share! A few pictures of some of the beautiful souls that I have met till now is all I can put up here. Time cannot be rewinded but memories are all that can make me live through! Thanks for being a part of what I am.


Friday, April 1, 2011

4-0 TO 5-0 .. One Amazing Day!

The day India defeated the Aussies in the quarter finals of CWC 2011, every Indian was more excited for the semis rather than celebrating the win over the Kangaroos from Down Under! It was the BIG match, the MOTHER of all battles. India Vs Pakistan. Boy o boy, the mere mention of this match brings back memories of the fierce rivalry between these cricketing nations. The verbal fights between Siddhu and Aamir Sohail, the game where Venkatesh Prasad allowed the ball to do the talking, Gambhir roughing it up against Afridi and many more!

30th March 2011 was the day and 2:30 PM was the time. I had my morning shift that day but I was so deep into the dreams of seeing India win against Pakistan that couldn’t get up in time! Somehow manage to reach the office by 8. There was just one thing people were talking about in the office, be it the canteen table, the central sitting area, the cafeteria or the Tech Center itself, THE BIG GAME! “Aaj Akhtar khelega?” , “ Nehra ko nai khilana chahiye yaar ” , “Batting first karni chahiye, Mohali pitch is the best for batting.” ,  “Sachin toh aaj 100th Century maar lega”. Be it any match that India plays, suddenly you have a billion critics, a billion advisors, a beating with just one motive, A WIN for the BLUES! And when it is our noisy neighbors, it is something more than a cricket match. It is WAR. Between the players, between the supporters, between the diplomats and between every Indian and Pakistani. I opened my facebook account and it was a beautiful sight. Everyone’s profile picture was the Indian flag or the Indian cricket team. Every status though meant the same, spoke a thousand different feelings. The first good news of the day, a mail from the HR team, stating that today was a half day, buses to leave at 12:30PM. Match hai bhai, you can’t play with the feelings of a FAN, chutti dena toh banta hai!! ;) So, with the excitement to go home early, work speeded up in every tech center, working with an efficiency of 300%. Some unfortunate ones had to stay back owing to the pressures of the project, I presume.

Time just flew by and soon it was the time to go. People started running towards the buses, plans all made in advance, food & drinks stocked up, flags ready and throat all cleared up to shout out to the fullest! It was an amazing scene, the office bearing a deserted look at a time when the office is at the peak of its population. The roads wore a deserted look, shops half closed and people moving towards jus one place, THE TV SCREENS. I reached home as fast as I could, got fresh and took my seat in front of the TV, promising not to move even a step till the match gets over, superstitious that we are. The pre-match show had its share of Good and bad news. Shoaib Akhtar not playing but Nehra was to replace the carom spinner, R.Ashwin. Many were baffled on this move by Dhoni but He is surely not an Idiot as Harsha Bhogle said. There has to be a reason behind getting Nehra back! Positivity is what I kept in my mind and the match started with the national anthems. Jana Gana Mana gives you shivers even if you hear it for the thousandth time! Boosts you big time. Maybe that’s what makes us perform so well every time. It wasn’t only the supporters but high profiled diplomats and politicians who were there to witness the match. What was special was to hear the roar of the full capacity crowd when the prime ministers of the two nations shook hands with the God of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar. Truly goes on to show how highly respected he is!

Viru and Sachin got us off to a flyer before the former perished. But Indians held on to the run rate pretty well for the first 30 overs. Sachin was dropped four times and was adjudged not out on two occasions by the Umpire review. It surely goes on to say without a doubt that Misbah and Younis dropped the CUP for the Pakiss. The run rate dropped after the 30th over but somehow India managed to get to 260, all thanks to the CUTE boy, Suresh Raina, as referred by Chehek Bilgi, a.k.a Chikuu. It was a great score but a defendable score. Indians were sure to be disappointed but not out. Something somewhere in our hearts was saying to us, India’s gonna snatch this. Pakis came down to bat and Hafeez got them to a flyer as well until Zaks struck the danger man, the senior Akmal. The downfall had started. Nehra too performed well, as he had no other choice. Thrifty bowling and 2 wickets might get overlooked but will surely help him remove the stain he received in the last match he played against the Proteas. Wickets fell at regular intervals and it wasn’t long before the final catch was taken by Virat Kohli to hammer the final nail into the coffin. India had repeated history, the clean sheet of the World Cup continued and the Pakis couldn’t break the jinx.

49.2 overs it was and crackers were already bursting around my place. Music on full blast, people dancing on the road, bike engines roaring, shouts of India-a-a-a-a India-a-a-a-a-a!!! 30 runs were needed of the last 4 balls so the match was virtually won. It was good to see Indian bowling and fielding perform so well when it was actually needed. Messages started flowing in & statuses getting updated, one beating the other comfortably. Each message, each status had so much of joy, so much of pride and so much of INDIANISM filled in it. It made me so proud to be an Indian! I watched the whole match alone but continuous chatting and update-sessions with Rishigandha Mistri, Manasi Chauhan, Madhura Deshmukh, Chehek Bilgi, Maitri Patel, Devesh Chainani, Maulee Desai and Harsh Desai never let me feel alone. Thanxx guys <3 The best part was A.R Rehman’s “Vande Mataram” being played at the fall of every Pakistani wicket. I can just imagine the atmosphere at Mohali. Seeing your team see-off the fiercest rivals is nothing less than heavenly. It’s amazing to see the unity Indians show during such events and situations. I missed Ahmedabad and my friends out there more than anything else cause I know it would had been wild fun after the match at the streets of CG  Road and SG Road! Aapnu Amdavad rockss!!

Come Saturday, the 2nd of April, it’s surely going to be Dusshera for us. Watch out Ravanas. Mythology is with us and so will be that day. ’96, Eden Gardens wont be repeated, I swear! As of now, it is celebration times till D-Day arrives.

Gooooooooooo Indiaaaa!! J J

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Undeserving or Unfortunate??

Undeserving or Unfortunate

“We come to this world alone and the same way shall we leave” – A true fact!

Life’s a war. At every step, there is one or the other challenge to look out for, to confront and to CONQUER! As it is well known, a war cannot be won without soldiers, without the generals, without the ammunition. God has bestowed us with, not the same, but some things which are an apt replacement.

Our family, our relatives and our friends. Friends, strikingly, assume the role of soldiers. The one’s who always shield you, a step ahead of you and ready to die for you! Well well, the last thing doesn’t apply to ALL the friends that you have. Human mind has smartly, wisely and significantly categorized people in groups of best, good and ok-ok friends. Knowingly or unknowingly but innocently for sure, we give the authority to out BFFs to play a very important role in our lives. Sharing and caring, loving and hating, fighting and consoling, knowing every flaw and negative point of the other person but still loving them from the bottom of your heart – A small attempt to summarize the lovely relationship!

We do things from the minutest to the biggest of them all for them, with no expectation of anything in return but just love! The promise to stick together forever come what may, support each other through thick & thin and help multiply the happiness and divide the sorrows are so called DUTIES to be performed. Tho’ every one will accept that such things are not done consciously but it just happens out of the utmost care for then other person.

But then comes the bad part, sadly! Life changes at every second and so does the way to live it. And we are so vulnerable to the changes that we change our OWN self at every obstacle life throws at us! No doubt, adapting nature is needed to its utmost importance but losing one’s originality is no less than disrespecting yourself. Priorities change and so does behavior towards those who were once the closest! No one is to be blamed, if observed as a neutral person, as both are correct on their own grounds! Then who is to be blamed for it? Do years of love, care & friendship come to an end just like that? Agreed life has a thrown a bouncer at us which doesn’t mean that we let it hit us. Playing a hook shot helps avoid the situation with grace. Solving out the differences, helping each other adapt the CHANGE, and communicating frequently to clear out the misunderstandings help to a great extent to be BFF! J It’s not easy for either one to stay away from each other cause no one in the world is so strong to ignore and hate the person once he/she loved and cared for. Fights and misunderstanding will happen, they ought to, but it only helps in getting the relationship stronger. Every one deserves a chance to explain as it helps us understand each other better.

But still, when things don’t work out at all despite you trying more than you could ever, the following lines keep circling in my mind!

There’s just one question which whirls
And in my mind, it swirls
“Why am I in this state?
Was I Undeserving or as always, Unfortunate!” 

DEDICATED to MY BEST FRIENDS and MY LOVED ONES, who form an integral part of my life. Dunno what I am to you But you people mean the WORLD to me! Come what may, Abhijan Ghosh will always be there for YOU! 

Signing off… Love always …. <3 <3

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Generation Gap, how true is it to the real sense?

“You won’t understand it, Mom”, “You never understand my feelings, Dad” ---- These two sentences are the ones, any boy or girl of our generation will closely, easily and deeply relate to themselves.

What is this so-called Generation Gap? As defined by the youngsters of today, it’s the “forward” thinking which we presume to have in ourselves and the thinking which our parents, our preceding generation, will never understand. But is the thinking correct? Is the feeling what we have in our hearts and what we expect our parents to understand, justified?

Today’s generation expects freedom and independence in every aspect of life. Late night parties, hanging out with friends and the wanting to do everything on our own are some of the many things we ask for! Clash of egos, way-different thinking and inability to understand each other leads to widening of this GAP!

Agreed, being independent is good, it expands our horizon, gets us more creative and helps us build a self to face this tough world. But what’s needed the most is experience, which we fail to realize is possessed by our parents. They have spent twice the time we have in this world, seen it four times more and understood it 10 times more. They might not understand the present day walks of life, the trends and the styles. But, it’ll never happen that they won’t take the step first, to understand it! Human being, after all they are, they need time to understand it. This statement leads me to a beautiful story I read somewhere. Here it goes. :

“A boy was playing games on the computer. His dad saw him play & went to sit besides him. “What did you just do?” asked his dad. Startled for a second, the boy said, “nothing dad, just planted the bomb at the bomb-site.” “Oh ok!” Time passed and the dad intently kept watching his son play. He kept inquiring his son about what he was playing at regular intervals. The boy got irritated and after some time, he shouted “Will you freaking leave me alone and let me play in peace, why the hell are you disturbing me.” The dad smiled and said “Relax son, I never wanted to irritate you. Just wanted to tell you of an incident which happened when you were a year old.” The boy was shocked to see the calm face of his father. “I took you out for a small evening stroll at the park and you saw a cow on the way. You asked me what it was. I told that it’s a COW. You saw the same animal 15 times and asked me the same question a 100 times. And with your ever increasing number of questions, I answered with a broader smile and more love!” The boy was speechless. His dad hugged him and the boy cried incessantly!”

This story goes on to show the difference in patience levels between the two generations. Why can’t we jus take a deep breath, take a second and explain our way of life to them! They are our parents, Mom & Dad. We spent freaking 9 months in our mom’s womb, clasped dad’s finger to take our first step, had our first tear rolled out in front of them, fought with them, loved them. They understand us more than anyone else in this world! Any thing we needed at any part of our childhood, it was them who we always approached. And now, why do we think that they won’t understand us. They understood what we wanted even before we told anything, knew the reason of our tears and our smile just by looking us.

 Maturity, sometimes, becomes too mature a word for us to understand. We think we know and understand everything and that’s when we overlook what our parents tell us. The sense of victory, if achieved once, gets so much in our mind, that we forget where the ground is. Understanding on both sides is necessary, Taali ek haath se nai bajti! We, as the youth need to understand that “Baap humesha baap hi rahega!” They will forever strive to teach us with their learning and experience and we need to respect that. Accepting what they say & implementing it according to the situation we face will always narrow the generation gap. On the other hand, a sense of adaptability and adjustment is needed from the side of our parents. The world is changing every second but no doubt, the way to LIVE this LIFE will always be the same! To which everyone will agree that our parents can give the best path to tread on!

The need of the hour is not to keep cursing the GENERATION GAP factor and use it as a tool to find our own ways. But, we have look towards means to bridge this GAP. Initiatives from both sides is necessary to construct this bridge which, I swear, will lead to a never-before and the most beautiful relationship between the two generations. This article may seem, somehow, to be hitting on the youngsters. This is not at all the case. J I am a youngster myself, but somehow this Generation Gap thing never went down my throat. As in, there are people who solve it out too, with grace! And it can’t get lovelier than that. Just had these thoughts in my mind, so poured them out in words!!

Till next time, with another deep introspection on another aspect of life. Signing off…

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