Friday, February 10, 2012

Apprehension of a Lost Mind.

One thing I learned, at the very start of the day, in office today… Inspiration to write doesn’t require a quiet stroll by the beach or lone-time spent away from everyone. Everyday activities, friends, talks with them, we ourselves can be the source to a post which will be appreciated later on. It all depends on the signals that we catch and the mood that we are in.

Having met so many types of people till now, the classes under which I kept categorizing them keeps increasing on almost a daily basis. One of the classification criteria that has intrigued and amazed me as well is the method people choose to live life or rather, face life. Extroverts and Introverts are the two families who, despite of being poles apart by nature, have successfully established themselves in this society to an extent that they are here to stay till eternity. In simpler or, better said, harsh terms, these families can be called A Social ass and a Social outcast, one loves to socialize and the other loves to keep things to himself. Surprisingly enough, neither of them is wrong at their own places, its how one chooses to live his life. As my nature has been, I love making friends and sharing problems with the individual I feel comfortable with and the one who I know will be able to help me out. Belief in the fact that sharing sorrows divides it and solution is faster has always kept my way of tackling problems confined to this method. But then, there is the other aspect, which I have observed over a long time, wherein the solution lies within us. Sharing will only complicate the problem by multiple folds. As a majority of us would say, being alone is just so BORING. I would say so or rather, I used to believe so. But then I realized there are some problems in life which are meant to be tackled alone. Introspection, self realizations, analysis of your own deeds and comparing it with various self-decided and society-accepted parameters, a solution is reached for negating the flaws and faults or boosting the positives you have for the better!

Let’s say there is a situation wherein you have to make a single choice amongst many, can be clothes, shoes or the branch of engineering during admission. Whatever the decision maybe, it’s all going to affect you even if the people you ask play a major role in the decision that’s being taken. A group of individuals will be consulting a chunk of their close ones before deciding while others would decide on their own. Simple as it may seem, this example goes on to show the bent of an individual or his approach towards tackling the hurdles of life or LIFE itself. None of them is wrong, no ways, but then both would debate till eternity trying to prove the other wrong. Agreed, that experience is very important before we make any decision which should be gained from others if we don’t have it but it can be countered with the fact that we won’t learn until we make a mistake.

Ideas and viewpoints stated above might seem na├»ve, incomplete or even immature to an extent but then that’s how I see this today. Thoughts change with time and the experience gained out of it. So maybe, in the future, I will be writing a post on the same topic with a definite stance on how LIFE should be tackled; extrovertly or as an introvert!

Signing off
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Friday, February 3, 2012

Return of the Come back! :D :D

Writing is not an easy job, especially when you have had a fairy tale start to your blog and then suddenly there has been a prolonged lull period which contains only the THOUGHTS and RESOLUTIONS to start writing as soon as possible and going through other’s blogs to gain inspiration. I surely seem to be inspired now!

Daily, there had been many instances, big and small, eventful and boring, which sparked me off momentarily to write the blog the very next instant I lay my hands on the computer. Don’t know where it evaporated.

I was waiting for my bus to go to office, all bored and with no smile on my face, when I saw a grandpa driving over with his little cute grandchild to the coconut-water wala right besides where I was standing. The happiness that beamed from both the individual’s faces got me into a deep introspection. Thoughts whirled in my mind as I zoomed through what might have been the life of the old man. Childhood full of fun and frolic, youth spent in shaping up the career, marriage, raising kids and earning money and now, he is enjoying life with a big smile on his face. The thing that made me happy was that old age can also be lively and interesting unlike being sad and full of misery which I and most of us think. The other thing that struck me significantly was that love of an individual increases exponentially, from his child to grandchild. Personal experience concreted this thought and the instance happening in front of me was a live example. The bus was late that day which gave me all the more time to think and my mind went deeper into the thoughts of importance of elders in our lives, all the love I have got from my elders and all that I have missed getting that I deserved & further philosophies. 

The Benares trip, which was eagerly awaited by all of us relatives and especially cousins, was a grand success. Last week of Dec 2011 was the time and the City of Ghats was the venue. This trip, other than the super awesome fun I had, was a revelation for me. It made me realize that I can click photographs and click them really well. 500 photographs summed up the Benares trip through my lens, some Ok types and some really good [I hate boasting about myself]. 

 Also, the trip made CERTAIN relationships stronger, cleared many things between different individuals, converted a few thoughts to certain facts and of course increased my love for my cousins specifically in leaps and bounds. Inclusion in PNPC [A specific Bong term for Gossiping] for me and my brother was long waited which got over this time. A blog would be too small and the time I have would be too less to write down what all I experienced out there. All that I know is that I love my COUSINS more than anything else and this trip has given it a much required impetus.
Music is one thing which soothes down, cheers up, lightens up and cools down any individual, no matter what situation they are in. It is so strikingly amazing that how every song that you follow or like has to do something with your life. Every song has some relation to some instance that once occurred in your life which led to you falling in love with that song or making that instance memorable. Every song has inspired me to write down a blog which, as always, just went down with the increasing number of songs I heard. Happiness, motivation, sadness, party, tranquility or peace – every mood in life has some song that I relate to and tell you what; Music is the best medicine to any damn situation in life. Experienced that in the Benares trip as well and even now while hearing to Mitwa by Mrigya, A Hindustani classical and rock Fusion band, ideas and words are just flowing by! * Wide Smile *

They say, every well written piece, well sung song or anything as such has to have some inspiration and constant persuasion by others or from within. I had my share of both and there you go, I finally have updated my barren Blog with a hara-bhara post! :D Thanks to that individual, whose knowing & unknowing, serious & joking inspiration and persuasions got me through!
Seven months is a real long time to take a gap from writing and I hope this post is the start of good things to flow from my mind! A lot has been stacked up in my mind all this while and I hope the greenery of my blog persists!

Signing off                                                                                                                                               

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