Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Generation Gap, how true is it to the real sense?

“You won’t understand it, Mom”, “You never understand my feelings, Dad” ---- These two sentences are the ones, any boy or girl of our generation will closely, easily and deeply relate to themselves.

What is this so-called Generation Gap? As defined by the youngsters of today, it’s the “forward” thinking which we presume to have in ourselves and the thinking which our parents, our preceding generation, will never understand. But is the thinking correct? Is the feeling what we have in our hearts and what we expect our parents to understand, justified?

Today’s generation expects freedom and independence in every aspect of life. Late night parties, hanging out with friends and the wanting to do everything on our own are some of the many things we ask for! Clash of egos, way-different thinking and inability to understand each other leads to widening of this GAP!

Agreed, being independent is good, it expands our horizon, gets us more creative and helps us build a self to face this tough world. But what’s needed the most is experience, which we fail to realize is possessed by our parents. They have spent twice the time we have in this world, seen it four times more and understood it 10 times more. They might not understand the present day walks of life, the trends and the styles. But, it’ll never happen that they won’t take the step first, to understand it! Human being, after all they are, they need time to understand it. This statement leads me to a beautiful story I read somewhere. Here it goes. :

“A boy was playing games on the computer. His dad saw him play & went to sit besides him. “What did you just do?” asked his dad. Startled for a second, the boy said, “nothing dad, just planted the bomb at the bomb-site.” “Oh ok!” Time passed and the dad intently kept watching his son play. He kept inquiring his son about what he was playing at regular intervals. The boy got irritated and after some time, he shouted “Will you freaking leave me alone and let me play in peace, why the hell are you disturbing me.” The dad smiled and said “Relax son, I never wanted to irritate you. Just wanted to tell you of an incident which happened when you were a year old.” The boy was shocked to see the calm face of his father. “I took you out for a small evening stroll at the park and you saw a cow on the way. You asked me what it was. I told that it’s a COW. You saw the same animal 15 times and asked me the same question a 100 times. And with your ever increasing number of questions, I answered with a broader smile and more love!” The boy was speechless. His dad hugged him and the boy cried incessantly!”

This story goes on to show the difference in patience levels between the two generations. Why can’t we jus take a deep breath, take a second and explain our way of life to them! They are our parents, Mom & Dad. We spent freaking 9 months in our mom’s womb, clasped dad’s finger to take our first step, had our first tear rolled out in front of them, fought with them, loved them. They understand us more than anyone else in this world! Any thing we needed at any part of our childhood, it was them who we always approached. And now, why do we think that they won’t understand us. They understood what we wanted even before we told anything, knew the reason of our tears and our smile just by looking us.

 Maturity, sometimes, becomes too mature a word for us to understand. We think we know and understand everything and that’s when we overlook what our parents tell us. The sense of victory, if achieved once, gets so much in our mind, that we forget where the ground is. Understanding on both sides is necessary, Taali ek haath se nai bajti! We, as the youth need to understand that “Baap humesha baap hi rahega!” They will forever strive to teach us with their learning and experience and we need to respect that. Accepting what they say & implementing it according to the situation we face will always narrow the generation gap. On the other hand, a sense of adaptability and adjustment is needed from the side of our parents. The world is changing every second but no doubt, the way to LIVE this LIFE will always be the same! To which everyone will agree that our parents can give the best path to tread on!

The need of the hour is not to keep cursing the GENERATION GAP factor and use it as a tool to find our own ways. But, we have look towards means to bridge this GAP. Initiatives from both sides is necessary to construct this bridge which, I swear, will lead to a never-before and the most beautiful relationship between the two generations. This article may seem, somehow, to be hitting on the youngsters. This is not at all the case. J I am a youngster myself, but somehow this Generation Gap thing never went down my throat. As in, there are people who solve it out too, with grace! And it can’t get lovelier than that. Just had these thoughts in my mind, so poured them out in words!!

Till next time, with another deep introspection on another aspect of life. Signing off…

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  1. Amazing one abhijan...!!!:-)
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  2. @ Suchir: .. Thanxx Bapu!! :) Thanxxx a tonnee!! :) \m/ \m/

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  4. @ Rajvi: Thanxx Sweetie!!! <3 Such comments keep me motivated!! <3 Next one soon!! :)

  5. very nice!!
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  6. Loved the short story in between...Keep writing!!!!

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  10. I went through the article and was astonished to know your thoughts.You really respect your elders and that is more than enough,I must say in present era.There are some small errors which you will be able to remove as you progress on this path which is full of pure joy and very few fortunate people are given chance to walk on this path.You are one of them.I will be happy to meet you.
    -Avinash Parikh

  11. Thanxxx aa tonne Uncle!! :) Will b waiting to meet u soon!! :)