Monday, March 28, 2011

Undeserving or Unfortunate??

Undeserving or Unfortunate

“We come to this world alone and the same way shall we leave” – A true fact!

Life’s a war. At every step, there is one or the other challenge to look out for, to confront and to CONQUER! As it is well known, a war cannot be won without soldiers, without the generals, without the ammunition. God has bestowed us with, not the same, but some things which are an apt replacement.

Our family, our relatives and our friends. Friends, strikingly, assume the role of soldiers. The one’s who always shield you, a step ahead of you and ready to die for you! Well well, the last thing doesn’t apply to ALL the friends that you have. Human mind has smartly, wisely and significantly categorized people in groups of best, good and ok-ok friends. Knowingly or unknowingly but innocently for sure, we give the authority to out BFFs to play a very important role in our lives. Sharing and caring, loving and hating, fighting and consoling, knowing every flaw and negative point of the other person but still loving them from the bottom of your heart – A small attempt to summarize the lovely relationship!

We do things from the minutest to the biggest of them all for them, with no expectation of anything in return but just love! The promise to stick together forever come what may, support each other through thick & thin and help multiply the happiness and divide the sorrows are so called DUTIES to be performed. Tho’ every one will accept that such things are not done consciously but it just happens out of the utmost care for then other person.

But then comes the bad part, sadly! Life changes at every second and so does the way to live it. And we are so vulnerable to the changes that we change our OWN self at every obstacle life throws at us! No doubt, adapting nature is needed to its utmost importance but losing one’s originality is no less than disrespecting yourself. Priorities change and so does behavior towards those who were once the closest! No one is to be blamed, if observed as a neutral person, as both are correct on their own grounds! Then who is to be blamed for it? Do years of love, care & friendship come to an end just like that? Agreed life has a thrown a bouncer at us which doesn’t mean that we let it hit us. Playing a hook shot helps avoid the situation with grace. Solving out the differences, helping each other adapt the CHANGE, and communicating frequently to clear out the misunderstandings help to a great extent to be BFF! J It’s not easy for either one to stay away from each other cause no one in the world is so strong to ignore and hate the person once he/she loved and cared for. Fights and misunderstanding will happen, they ought to, but it only helps in getting the relationship stronger. Every one deserves a chance to explain as it helps us understand each other better.

But still, when things don’t work out at all despite you trying more than you could ever, the following lines keep circling in my mind!

There’s just one question which whirls
And in my mind, it swirls
“Why am I in this state?
Was I Undeserving or as always, Unfortunate!” 

DEDICATED to MY BEST FRIENDS and MY LOVED ONES, who form an integral part of my life. Dunno what I am to you But you people mean the WORLD to me! Come what may, Abhijan Ghosh will always be there for YOU! 

Signing off… Love always …. <3 <3

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  1. Wow man...after reading this i am getting one song in my mind "I'll be there for you, cause you're there for me too"....You just once again made me realize the importance of friends in life..Awesome one..keep it up mate...!!\m/

  2. Nice and Great Words Mr.Abhijaan Ghosh...Well Keep it Up...\m/

  3. bhaiiiii this is AWESOME <3 <3 <3
    I am a FAN of urs :) :) :)
    n btw thanx i got solution to my problem ;) :P
    loveeeeeeeeeeed it :))))

  4. @ Suchir: .. Thannxxx Bapuuu :) .. As alwayzz :) My first critic!! :) Ain't it funny how we so easily relate songs with any damn situation!! :) Amazing!! :)

    @ Hirak: Colorrr ... :) .. thanxxx mate! :)

    @ Keyur: .. Thanxx bhaii :)

    @Rajvii: Mwaah mwaaah mwaah :) <3 <3 <3

  5. At times life is more than friends. Struggle and find your way out.
    However good commentry, keep it up.....

  6. amazing expression of pure, innocent thoughts.
    n in d wrds of ur writing... heres a Front-line soldier in ur lyf reporting sir, der forever! :P <3