Friday, March 4, 2011

My first.. POEM... errr.. SONG..... Ummm na na.... PROSE .... Arrrghhh .. Dunnooo!! .. Somethin It is!! !!

Just a Start

Did you ever think,
Wish I could stop time,
Just hold the hands of the clock,
Stop the tick tock.
The wish to freeze the situation,
When things get maddening,
When you  feel things are horribly wrong,
The wish to go in a rewind,
Rectify things you have done wrong.
Why this feeling
Coz your conscience keeps hitting like a gong,
As you went against everyone's liking.
Was I right anytime or am I always at fault,
You take a pause, give a thought,
Who am I living for,
For myself or for this world I fought,
Does making the world happy make me happy,
Or is it all just crappy?
What is the thing which matters the most,
Is it the work you do or just the post?
But then I realize, Its the "world" I'm living for,
Family, friends & my loved ones is what I'm alive for.

Life has loads of meanings
& as you go deeper
and play every innings
Every definition becomes clearer.
Its crying and sleeping when 2 years old,
Cartoons and video games when u enter 10,
School masti and friends as 16 is over,
New love and infatuation as 18 starts,
Career and seriousness as 22 ends.
But is this were it all ends?
Is this what we call the life trend?
At every stage, it teaches us a hell lot,
We learn somewhat,
But with every passing day,
Life tests us with all the more shades of gray,
Passing the tests isn't important,
Provided you learn what life wants to teach in each test!
Agreed, things might get tough,
And you wont even have the time to cough,
Being strong might seem to be good just in "words",
This is the time when your character is tested!

As I give my first try to write something "Good",
It has got me hungry for Food ;) ,
I will be back soon,
Surely before mankind decides to go & stay at the Moon,
It wont be long,
I will be back with another song!

---------------------------------_!_ << AJ >> _!_ ----------------------------------


  1. beeaaauutiful!! loved it!! <3 <3 <3 :)

  2. Perfect title with even perfect writing...!!
    You rock abhijan...!!:-)

  3. @ Ashwin: .. Thanxx a tonne Gal!! :) These Praises Will help me Indefinitely!! :)

    @ Yesha: .. Thanxxx Loadss!! :) <3 <3 <3 After all, U know the Inspiration!! :)

    @ Suchir: .. Thanxx bapu!! :) Many more to come!! :)

  4. a beautiful title.. a lovely poem/song/prose/dunno..
    love you!!

  5. Thanxx Anahitaa!! :) Love u too!! :)

  6. jus tooo goood.. awesome.. and specially the last para.. :) waiting fr more.. :) lv <3

  7. @ Chiku: . .. Thanxxx Chiklettt!! :) . Will b back with more!! :)

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  9. Jaan Da...I have always been a very bad critic...bad in d sense...I will definitely appreciate d gud...but I wud nvr fail to point out improvements...Sry if dats "unacceptable"

    From what I order to make lines rhyme...U have inserted lines that went out of context...

    Remember...Poems need not rhyme...

    Next time try this...write d naked not bother to include rhyming phrases...just write what directly comes to your mind...

    I bet, it'll b a piece to remember...coz U do have what it takes to write prose...

    (Read between the lines)

    Till next time...


  10. @ Manna: .. I knw i knw!! .. initially i did think to write a POEM, coz that's like more of a sing-song effect!! .. But ya, i am better off with PROSE!! .. Next article surely is Prose!! :)

    Loved ur comments.. thanxx!! :)

  11. Keep it up, refreshing and introspective

  12. You are very keen observer of life and that is depicted in your article and the poems.Keep up.This interest will lead you the destination you have aspired for.